Manage, share, and explore gardens

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A digital assistant for the garden

Keep track of what's planted where, when it was planted, and where it came from.

Easily reference the plant tags that came with the plant, or lookup online plant care.

Stay on top of the routine garden tasks, and record those plans for the future.

Share your garden your way

Share your GardenMap with your friends, with other GardenMap users, or keep it to yourself. Your choice.

Quickly share updates from your garden on your social media.

Having an open garden event? Great! GardenMap can be the guide for your visitors.

Getting some help in the garden?

GardenMap is a great way to help communicate tasks that need doing in the garden

If your gardening partner is less green fingered they can quickly check if the 'weed' isn't actually your prized plant!

You can allow others to edit your GardenMap.

Handing over the garden?

Maybe you're moving house and you want the garden you've created to be cared for. GardenMap can really help the new owner maintain and build on what you've created.

Or you're a garden designer handing over a new garden to a client - include GardenMap in the package.

Visiting another garden

Wether it's a small open garden event, or a visit to a big garden attraction, GardenMap can be the perfect guide.

Quickly find out what the plant you like the look of is, check the conditions it needs, then if it's all good add it to your GardenMap wishlist

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